Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New CRC Blog- Lunch on the road - Carne Asada Tacos at Roberta's

By Tim Johnson

The note at the top of the receipt says "Lunch on the Road" in blue ink. The purpose is to help our manager of finance allocate staff travel costs.  When you’re traveling around rice country though it means much, much more. In this case great Carne Asada tacos at a little roadside restaurant.

Roberta's is situated in a bright yellow building just off the I-5 freeway in Williams in the heart of Sacramento Valley rice country. Towns this far up the Valley are small. No multiple exits off the freeway just take the Williams exit and head west into town.

When you walk up the menu is posted on the sliding window. Replete with tacos, burritos and all the choices of meats - it's authentic.

I ordered three Carne Asada tacos and a Coke. A few minutes later my order was announced the window. Three street tacos, a roasted jalapeƱo with sliced radish and a Coke bottled in Mexico.

The meat was well seasoned and had the char that makes Asada memorable. The salsa verde was tart, the spice just right and the corn tortillas soft and earthy. While I don't often go for soda, the cold Coke was great.

My stop at Roberta's is one of the things that makes trips north of Sacramento so rewarding. Great agriculture, bright blue skies and fantastic food at yellow taco stands!

Tim Johnson, CRC President & CEO

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